About us


The Oasis was built around 1865 as a public house by the Berkshire Brewery Ltd. Originally called the Eagle, it was bought in 1883 for £1,000 by Ferguson and Son brewers, based in Reading. We believe it was renamed from the Eagle to the Oasis during the 1990’s. The original Oasis pub sign had a picture of a camel stopping at an oasis in the desert on it.

Since the Oasis closed as a pub in June 2009, part of the site has been developed into two new houses. Carey Baptist Church bought the remaining part of the building and obtained planning permission for the Oasis to be used for the community. Now it is open for a variety of events, so come along and bring a friend too!


  • A meeting place for different communities in the local area to get to know each other better. We hope that everyone will feel welcome.
  • To offer help for those with various social needs in the local area. We are partnering with more experienced organisations in this and our prayer is that the Oasis will continue to develop in this area to help meet social needs in the wider area.
  • To offer the chance for any who are interested to explore spiritual questions and issues in an informal setting.


Please visit Carey Baptist Church’s website to read more about the beliefs and character of the church.


We are Christians and our ethos is based on Jesus and the Bible’s teachings. Our aims and motivations spring from having a restored relationship with the one who made the universe. As God gives us meaning, purpose and eternal security, we want to respond by practically helping and caring about others.